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Multilinks recharge for mobiles and modems

Multilinks recharge for mobiles and modems

Good day friend and welcome to today’s tutorial, in this tutorial, I will show you how to recharge multilinks phone/modem in few minutes. Of recent, multilinks recharge card has been the hardest this to get on this planet earth, don’t know of other planet though! Especially in Ondo State where I reside to the extent that in some other part of Nigeria, we can’t find one. I personally, looked for the airtime for a while now, made a lot of calls to my friends in Ibadan, Lagos but they couldn’t find even a hundred Naira Multilinks airtime but few days ago I stormed on a way to recharge your multilinks modem/phone.


  • ·         You will need a computer or mobile phone with a browsing network
  • ·         A credit or debit card (I recommend GTbank MasterCard ATM card)
  • ·         A valid Email Address
  • ·         A Security Token Device

Before I continue, I’d like to say few things on the token device: A security token (or sometimes a hardware token, authentication token, USB token, cryptographic token, software token, virtual token, or key fob) may be a physical device that an authorized user of computer services is given to ease authentication. Security tokens are used to prove one’s identity electronically (as in the case of a customer trying to access their bank account). The token is used in addition to or in place of a password to prove that the customer is who they claim to be. The token acts like an electronic key to access something. And what the token does is that it generates a six-digit PIN which proves your identity when doing online purchases. below is the screenshot of a GTbank token, if you don’t have a token you can walk up to any GTbank and purchase yours (Note: you need to be a GTbank customer before you can be given a security token device, thank you!). so, let’s get started;



  • Goto MYTOPUPNIGERIA and register, Fill in your valid imformation and a valid email address (reason because a confirmation message will be sent into your email for email verification and account activation)


  • After verifying your email and your account has been activated, you can now login into your account, using your email address as the username. (in case you forget your password, don’t panic! As long as you’ve activated your account, a message containing your account details will be emailed to you; there you can find your password. Please keep it safe)

  • After you login, a page will pop up and on the page you fill in this:
  •  Category  => choose MOBILE
  •  Service Provider => choose MULTILINKS (like I said earlier, you can topup other carriers like MTN, GLO, ETISALAT, AIRTEL and VISAFONE
  • Account Number => Type your mobile/modem number (e.g 07099914252)
  • Amount => Type in any amount you wish to purchase ranging from 50-5000
  • Then click ‘Submit’. A page appears which says ‘Review your order’; at this point you can still go back to do few changes if you like but after this you can’t. If you are satisfied with your order, click ‘PAY’
  • A page come up asking which payment method are you using and we have three method: MASTERCARD, VERVE and ETRANZACT. For this tutorial, I’m using MasterCard. Click on MasterCard and click ‘Submit’.
  • Then you’re redirected to WebPay page where you fill in your card detail. Since I’m paying using MasterCard, I’d select MasterCardTM Naira Debit, then fill in my card details (card number, Expiry date, CVV2 and card pin) and click ‘PAY’
  • Last and final step: here is where our security comes in. press the button on your token device and type in the number that appears on the screen (note: it a six digit number) and click ‘CONTINUE’…. Then you receive a page that says “PAYMENT SUCCESSFUL” .


Note; if you are using our mobile phone to topup your account, do not press the back button either you’re browsing with operamini browser, ucweb-browser or you device browser because it might lead to dispense error and I know you wouldn’t want that.

Hope you enjoyed the walkthrough process?

if you find this helpful, please Comment, share and like. thanks!!

 **posted by: Izzy**


  1. Thanks a lot Izzy, it really helped me… You’re the best!

  2. While I like the rapid modal concept ( and appearance ) too , In my opinion it a little considerably outside of the typical post generation flow . That

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